Our Core Values

We Foster Education

We keep ourselves as up to date with the latest web technologies as we can and adapt them to suit our customers needs. This enables us to provide very tailored and creative solutions to solve some really challenging requests.

We Pursue Excellence

Our detailed digital audit is essential to the development of an effective strategy. With such a solid base you can be assured that any subsequent strategic development, will increase website traffic, conversion rates, volume of leads and enquiries and reduce loss of potential customers, help you meet marketing and business objectives and maximize return on your marketing spend.

We Practice Honesty

Web Project Studios was formed out of a passionate need to help companies achieve their digital potential and reduce the amount of expensive, difficult to use IT solutions built every day.

We believe Gandhi had it right when he said “We need to be the change we wish to see in the world”.

We pride ourselves on honesty and integrity; we embrace transparency, and we are not afraid to be honest with ourselves and our customers!

We Create Fun

We closely work with you to develop ideas to improve your customers’ experience on-line; we always look for innovative ways to create your website by identifying areas within your current business processes that can be successfully implemented on-line as well as opportunities for future product and service development.

About Our Process

Detailed Discovery

  • 01

    To help deliver the best solution for you, we go through a very detail discovery process to get to know your business as best as we can

  • 02

    We communicate with you throughout our entire working process to make sure we haven’t missed anything.

  • 03

    Once we are satisfied that we have all we need to start work on your project, we present you with a detailed solution on how we plan on delivering your new project including measurable deliverables

  • 04

    Happy with our solution for your project, we then put together a project kick off date, set out the major milestones, and final project delivery date.

Weekly Check-Ins

  • 01

    From start to finish of your project, you will be kept informed about our progress on a weekly basics.

  • 02

    We set dates for our meetings in advance and they also include major milestone delivery dates so you know what’s going on with your project

  • 03

    These meeting are meant to be short and will summarise all work that has been done the previous week and what will be done the coming week

  • 04

    This process continues for the duration of your project.

Ongoing Discovery

  • 01

    Our work does not end after we have delivered your project. We continue to analysis your project to make sure it’s performing as required

  • 02

    We study the performance of your project and collected statistics to find faults as well as areas to further improve on.

  • 03

    Depending on the project, we schedule a project check every 3 months from launch for the first year

  • 04

    We go through all our findings with you to help you understand how your project is doing and provide report analysis

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