Google Virtual Tour

Step 1: Consultation and Planning

We arrange an initial consultation session with you to agree the finer details of the shoot – suitable date for the shoot, approximate number of panoramas, costs and other criteria.

We will also conduct a ‘recce’ of your business to get a true impression of what is required to make sure you get the best possible tour.

To speed things up and ensure we are good to go! Please ensure your business has a google account and is on G+ Local.

Please visit our Getting your business on Google+ page for more help on doing this.

Step 2: Photo Shoot

On the agreed date, we will visit to perform the shoot.

A person in charge will be required to sign a service agreement as well as a release forms to allow permission for your images to be uploaded onto Google’s platform.

Payment is also required once the shoot is completed.

Step 3: Post production

The photos will then be moderated by the us and uploaded onto Google.

Faces , number plates and any other person identifications will be blurred.

The tour is then integrated into Google maps for Google Quality check team to give a final once over.

Step 4: Publish – the fun bit!

Your virtual tour is then published live and will appear in Google business listings, Google maps, and Google’s business place page.

We will supply all your high resolution photos on CD which you can use on your marketing materials.
On the agreed date, we will visit to perform the shoot.

Step 5: Follow-up support

We will work with you and your team to identify opportunities to promote your virtual tour more effectively. For example embedding the tour in your website, social media channels, leaflets, brochures etc.