Social Media Optimisation

Why do Social Media Optimisation?

Social media is a fantastic way to get new business and it is increasingly essential to any effective business marketing strategy. To not have social media working for your business places you at a distinct disadvantage to your competitors.

The Good news is that many competitors who do have social media do not update and manage it effectively, so doing so can really boost your customer base, internet presence and as a result, sales and marketing opportunities.

It is not dissimilar to content managing and updating in that it can be a time consuming endeavour. Finding the space to update and input new and relevant information can be difficult. Hiring someone dedicated to doing this can be expensive. This is where we come in!

What we provide

Web Project Studios can provide you with a professional social media manager who will study and analyse your business, to instigate an effective social media strategy; this is bespoke and tailored to your business needs.

They will be responsible for contributing to and designing a strategy that relates to your brand identity, company goals, respective audience and aims.

They will identify, define and implement product promotions, advertising opportunities and promote events. Your audience will be built up (followers etc.) with an aim to strengthen engagement with your social media. Threats and competition, as well as opportunities and market research are evaluated and acted on accordingly.

Social media often offer paid advertising opportunities. These are often targeted to a specific demographic or audience which is a great way to filter your advertising to an appropriate audience. Your social media manager will make you aware of these opportunities for each platform. Furthermore, if you wish to proceed they will, in coordination with your business needs, implement them as required.

Communication style is another key requirement our social media management specialists are both experienced in and adept at doing. A friendlier, informal approach is preferred as opposed to an overly verbose written style.

The benefits

Different social media has both unique and variable advantages. LinkedIn and Facebook for example both help build a large potential client base who can subsequently access your promotions, developments and special offers available in your own business or service. YouTube can be effective for free advertising with all forms creating additional web-links that can be found on the Google Search bar.

The ability of potential customers to find you through social media channels both enhances visibility and credibility. Increased indirect or direct links drives traffic to your website and/or promotes increased awareness of your product or service.

If you don’t have social media, we can assist in setting these up for you.


In summary your businesses social media is an essential element you cannot afford to not have working for you. And having it and not using it effectively places your business at a disadvantage. Get Found can provide a social media management solution, bespoke and appropriate for your particular service or industry, ensuring you get the very best out of it.

For more information on the Get Found social media management service, contact one of the team today!

We are happy to handle your Social Media Accounts such as Twitter, Facebook and Google