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Search Engine Optimization in Liverpool (SEO Liverpool)

Are you a Liverpool based business looking to get more business in Liverpool from your website? If so, an effective website SEO service, SEO Liverpool, along with a great website design can help you.

What is SEO?

SEO is search engine optimization. It is the way in which a website is positioned to be well placed in the search engine listings for key words and phrases relevant to your business products or services.

So, for example, if you are a hairdressers or hairdressing salon in Liverpool, people searching for your service may type in to the Google search bar, ‘hairdressers in Liverpool’, ‘stylists in Liverpool’, ‘hair colourist near Liverpool’ and so on! As a result, it is essential to build, develop and maintain your website in a way which retains these key words and phrases in relation to your website. So when people type those search words and phrases into a search engine tool bar, your website appears on the first page.

For a Liverpool based business, other key words in relation to the potential customers you want to attract may be relevant. So you may want to include the county, namely Merseyside, or surrounding places such as St Helens, Wirral, Warrington, and Knowsley and so on. For businesses looking for business outside Liverpool, you may want regional search words such as the North West, or UK if you sell nationally and other words if you sell internationally and so on.

A Website without good SEO

A website without good SEO both embodied in the website itself and as part on an ongoing strategy is pretty much useless. A website that cannot be seen by potential customers is a non entity. So SEO isn’t something that compliments a website, it is an essential part of it for a business in Liverpool, or anywhere else.  If you want it to work for you and get your products found in search engines, an SEO strategy is absolutely essential!

Web Project Studios SEO service

Web Project Studios provide a bespoke tailored SEO service  that aims to not only get your website discovered in search engines, but continue to get found. Unlike many other rival SEO services, we do not merely offer a quick fix solution, but an ongoing strategy that both works initially and continues to work.

Our effective SEO service includes as follows:

  1. initial consultation
  2. relevant keyword research
  3. competitor website analysis
  4. link building
  5. onsite website optimisation
  6. website content management
  7. social media optimisation
  8. ongoing SEO maintenance strategy


This SEO service is as suggested bespoke; it is tailor-made to suit your business needs. Each project is an individual endeavour that looks at exactly what products, customers, locations (Liverpool or anywhere else), services and so on, you are aiming to attract.

So if you are a Liverpool business looking to revamp or renew your old website and have it optimized to get found in the major search engines, Web Project Studios can help.

Remember, don’t delay! Year on year more and more people are relying on internet search engines to source a product or service, so an optimized website and ongoing SEO strategy and implementation is not only favourable, but essential!

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