Business Info Step 2:

    Company Owner (or a contact person at the company. This will appear on sites we submit to, so be sure it's a real person.
    (This SHOULD NOT be the SEO's name)

    Company Owner (or Contact Person) Gender: M/F
    (Some sites ask for this. *shrug*)

    Business Name
    (Should be the DBA (doing business as) name. However the business would be listed in the phone book. Important for NAP (name, address, phone) consistency, which is a critical Local SEO ranking factor)

    Business Phone

    Address Line 1
    (Should be consistent with how the company address already appears online, or in the yellow pages)

    Is this location at a virtual office, UPS box, or a real office with full-time staff?

    Does this business have other offices in the same city?

    Fax (Optional)

    Toll Free Number (Optional)


    Has the business ever changed its name, moved, or changed phone numbers? If you don't know, please ask. If yes, please provide details on any previous names, addresses, and phone numbers.

    Business' email address for public display

    (optional, and not recommended. See note)
    (We recommend NOT displaying the business' real address on the listings we create, as it typically drives 100 times more spam than real leads, but if you'd like us to display the business' email address instead of the gmail address we'll be creating for this campaign, we'll do it. Enter the email address here, and we'll use it for any sites that allow us to customize the email address that gets displayed)

    Hours of operation

    (A short one liner that succinctly describes what the business does or why they're awesome)

    Business Description (minimum 400 characters)
    Some sites require the description to have a specific minimum number of characters. Please give us a minimum 400 character description. Please try to gracefully include keywords, but keyword spamming this field isn't necessary and isn't going to help you. Keep it human readable

    Payment Types Accepted

    Contractor #/License #
    (Optional. Some industries have these, and some sites let you put them in. Include if you have one)

    Website URL
    (Can be the homepage, or a specific landing page. Please include the http://)

    Google+ Local URL
    (Go to your place page, then click the little chain link icon on the top right to get a nice clean URL to your place page)

    Company Blog URL

    Twitter Profile URL

    Facebook Page URL

    Linkedin Company Page URL

    Keyword #1
    (These are the terms you're trying to rank for. List them from your most imporant to your least important and we'll try to get the words into the listings where we can.

    DO NOT enter location names in these fields. It's spammy and unnecessary as your address will be on every citation anyways. Google will know what city you're in when it crawls the citation. Examples of good keywords:

    - plumbers

    - wedding flowers

    - lawyers

    - etc)

    (These are sometimes different than the keywords you're trying to rank for. Think of the categories you would select on your Google Places listing. Same idea here)



    Services You Offer

    Products You Offer

    Service/Product Description #1:

    Service/Product Description #2:

    Service/Product Description #3:

    YouTube Video URL

    (In these fields, enter URLs to the images if you have them online. If you don't have URLs to the images, you can leave these fields blank and upload images using our order form)

    Company Logo:

    Image 1

    Image 2

    Image 3

    Image 4

    Image 5

    Image 6

    Image 7

    Image 8

    Image 9

    Image 10

    Company Owner Profile Image

    Any notes or special instructions for us?